RIP Doug

Woke up with terrible news this morning about the passing of Doug from the Generators and the Slugz. Our condolences go out to his family and close friends and everyone that is mourning the loss of a great guy. We‘ve been fans of the Generators since the early 2000s/ PLY days and met a couple times through mutual friends. To say it was a big deal to us when Doug hit us up last year about working together for upcoming tours for the Generators and Doug and the Slugz is an understatement. We had a good run planned for the summer and the fall when he told me the terrible news about his situation. He was very saddened to cancel the tours but also determined to make up those dates. We kept in touch over the last couple months and where hoping for better outcome.
The Punkrock Community lost a big one yesterday.
We‘ll be blasting some of your music today.